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Do you volunteer for USI or in the community?

Report your service to help us continuously measure volunteer impact!

Who should report?

(1) Alumni, students, employees and retirees are encouraged to report all volunteer service, whether for USI or a community organization.

(2) Community members who do not fall into one of the above categories are encouraged to report all USI volunteer service.

What qualifies as volunteer service?

Any work done for the benefit of USI or a community organization/cause without any direct financial, material or personal compensation or gain qualifies. For example:

(1) Governance (serving on a board, council, committee or in a leadership capacity)

(2) Donating professional skills and expertise

(3) Helping with operational, project or event based tasks

Reporting your service helps us:

(1) Measure the impact of volunteers on our University

(2) Measure the impact of USI volunteers on our communities

(3) Show appreciation for your efforts and contributions

Be sure to also include your volunteer work on your resume as volunteering shows that you value your community and often results in the development of new job-related skill sets.