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Information about Faculty Websites

Prior to 2023, all faculty were given their own website and user access simply by maintaining an active faculty role at USI. During a resource audit, we determined only 22% of faculty used their sites. This left many faculty websites abandoned and created unnecessary maintenance and resource consumption. 

In December 2022, faculty who had active websites were asked if they wanted to unpublish their sites or request migration to the new version. That task was completed, and migrated sites launched December 20, 2022.

In 2023, anyone not part of that initial group and any new faculty who would like to create a faculty website may request one on demand.

Faculty URLs

Your faculty website URL is transitioning to Your old one that looks like this: will be phased out over summer 2023. This is a good time now to update your email signatures, syllabus, and any other place you list your faculty URL. 

Access to your Website

You may request a Faculty website with this form. You will be given access to the Umbraco system to login with your myUSI credentials.

If you have access to your college or department website, all of this has been consolidated to one system and you'll see those folders in your access area too.


We've put together this video to give an overview of updating content on your faculty website homepage and how to create additional pages. If you'd like advanced training on using the widgets and other tools on your additional pages, please see other areas of this training site for those videos and widget examples.