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The University Web and Digital Content team, a part of University Marketing and Communication, is responsible for overseeing and setting the strategic direction for the website. This web branding and style guide ensures that the website maintains the University's branding guidelines, overall style, performance, and compliance with accessibility and security standards. 

For additional information on web governance, permissions, accessibility, directory listings, language translations, and other related topics, please refer to our Policies, Standards, and Best Practices resource page.


Training videos and manuals are available on the University Web and Digital Content website. Periodic training sessions on specific topics are conducted as needed. Specific instructions or questions can be directed to University Web at  

Content Management System (CMS) and Web Templates

University Web and Digital Content uses a Content Management System (CMS), Umbraco, to facilitate easy content updates and management. Departments and content editors can create web pages that maintain a cohesive visual identity, enhancing the university's brand recognition and professionalism. Consistency in design elements, such as headers, navigation menus, and page layouts, also improves user experience, making it easier for visitors to navigate and engage with the website. Furthermore, templates ensure compliance with accessibility and responsive design standards, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices and screen sizes.   

Expanded Digital Color Palette

Along with web templates and styling options within the Umbraco CMS, University Web and Digital Content utilizes an Expanded Digital Color Palette for additional accent colors for digital use only. This set of approved colors may be used in other digital applications such as social media or digital presentations when additional accent colors are needed.


Outfit - This sans serif font was developed by Google and is the primary alternative typeface for USI websites and digital applications. Icons used on the website are part of the licensed Font Awesome collection. (View the typefaces for print)

Web Content Writing 

University Marketing and Communication has created a Writing, Tone and Voice page to help guide content writers with proper editorial style and best practices. As part of that topic, University Web has created specific Writing for the Web guidelines that address SEO, headings, and linking. 

Photos and Videos

A public folder of sized photos is available for content editors in the Media Section of Umbraco CMS. Contact the web team if access to the folder is needed. If you need topic specific images, University Photography and Multimedia maintains a library of images for University use or can arrange a photoshoot. 

Videos must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo for embedding on the website. Contact University Photography and Multimedia for video production assistance or consultation. 

Analytics and Tools

Google Analytics is used for tracking website performance. University Web and Digital Content uses additional tools to monitor accessibility, SEO, and quality assurance. Reports from these tools are available upon request for specific sites. 

QR Code Tracking

Monitoring QR code performance offers valuable insights into the efficiency of various marketing channels and campaigns. This enables data-driven decision-making and targeted optimizations, ensuring continuous evolution and maximization of marketing impact.

University Web and Digital Content can help you create a trackable URL for your QR code.