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How Do I Apply to CAP?

Complete the following steps in order. 

Acceptance to CAP requires that a student be a junior or senior, have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, and meet any other course prerequisites. (Sophomores are permitted in career/technical education and third year world language courses only.) Follow the steps below to get enrolled!

  1. RESEARCH Which Courses Will Benefit You
    a. Review the courses available at your high school
    b.Watch this video to learn how to research course utility both at USI and elsewhere (2020, 16:03)
    c. If interested in attending USI, request to meet with a USI advisor
    d. Optional: sample classroom presentation for students (2019, 13:08)

  2. SUBMIT an Online Course Request (see button above)
    Students will submit one online course request form for each USI CAP course. An email summary of each request will be sent to the provided student email. 

  3. APPLY to CAP
    a. First-time CAP students should click the "Online CAP Application" button above to create an account and complete a CAP application
    b. Screenshots of the online CAP application available here (revised 8/12/22).
    c. Be sure to select the CAP application!
    d. If you've ever completed a CAP course, you do not need to reapply. Go to Step 4!

    This video contains detailed directions to create an account and an online CAP application (12-2020, 22:24)

  4. TURN IN Your Permission Form by the Deadline
    You must complete all steps by the deadline to be eligible for USI dual credit. If you've been a CAP student before, you must still complete this step. 
    Fall 2023 enrollment ends Friday, September 1.
    Trimester 2 enrollment ends Friday, December 15.
    Spring 2024 enrollment ends Friday, January 19.