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USI Faculty Liaisons

Thank you for your involvement as a liaison in USI's dual credit program. The challenging coursework required of high school students enrolled in CAP classes gives them an opportunity to test their ability to do college-level work while easing their transition from high school to college. Without your oversight and support of CAP teachers in high schools, the program could not thrive as it does.

Following are resources available to help you in your role as a CAP liaison.  Should you have a question or request not addressed below, please do not hesitate to contact one of the CAP staff at 812-228-5022.

Liaison Responsibilities

Visit and Orientation Forms

Virtual Observation Visit: Pre/Post Checklist (pdf)

Approved Instructor Observation Form (pdf) (Word)

Prospective Instructor Observation Form (pdf) (Word)

New Instructor Orientation Checklist (pdf)

Professional Development Documentation Form (Word)

Online Syllabus Review Web Form (submission of this form sends a syllabus review summary to the CAP inbox, which is then shared with the CAP instructor on your behalf)

Syllabus Review Form (Word) (for liaisons who prefer to review a syllabus on paper while submitting visit paperwork)

How to Create a Travel Pre-Approval in Chrome River (for observation visit mileage)

How to Create an Expense Report in Chrome River (for observation visit mileage)

Discipline-Specific Orientation Checklist for New CAP Instructors (pdf) (Word

Other Resources

NACEP Standards

Participating CAP High Schools

Instructor Assistance Resources

Administrative Guide

Advising Information

Applying to CAP

Transferring CAP Credits