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Syllabus Template

  • The Syllabus Template (.docx file updated December 11, 2023) provides a guide for developing an effective and learner-centered syllabus and outlines the required elements and policy statements for the USI course syllabus.
  • The syllabus and course schedule should be distributed to students by the first day of class and be available on Blackboard to students throughout the semester.
  • The University and Course Policies (Syllabus Statements) are available on the Provost's Office website. A link to this webpage is on the Blackboard course menu.
  • Recent syllabus updates:
    • December 2023: A link to the Syllabus Statements (Course and University Policies) has been added to Blackboard course pages staring in Spring 2024. Therefore, the Syllabus Statements section of the syllabus has been revised and shortened. See the Syllabus Template (pages 3-4).
    • August 2023: added recommended Safety procedures and updated links.
    • May 2023: updated links and Institutional Equity Office (Title IX and Affirmative Action) contact information
    • April 2023: added a suggested AI Tools Teaching and Academic Integrity syllabus statement.
    • The template highlights the recent changes and includes comments with guidance and links to more information.

Resources for Developing the Syllabus