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Syllabus Template

  • The Syllabus Template (.docx file updated May 12, 2023) provides a guide for developing an effective and learner-centered syllabus and outlines the required elements and policy statements for the USI course syllabus.
    • May 2023: updated links and Institutional Equity Office (Title IX and Affirmative Action) contact information
    • April 2023: added a suggested AI Tools and Academic Integrity syllabus statement.
    • Fall and Summer 2022: updated links, Title IX and Affirmative Action contact information, and Covid safety and adding Proctorio guidance.
    • The template highlights the recent changes and includes comments with guidance and links to more information.
  • Detailed University Syllabus Statements are included within the Syllabus Template and available on the Provost's Office website.
  • Guidance for Faculty for Fall 2021 from the Provost's Office is available.

Resources for Developing the Syllabus

  • Accessible Syllabus
    Tips to build a syllabus that plans for diverse student abilities and to promote student engagement and agency.
  • Inclusion By Design: Survey Your Syllabus and Course Design - A Worksheet.  Brantmeier, E., Broscheid, A., & Moore, C.S. (2017).
    This tool helps you examine the tone and design of your course from an inclusion perspective.
  • Inclusive Syllabus Language. University of Michigan (2017).  
    This webpage provides sample language to communicate expectations to students in an inclusive manner.
  • UDL Syllabus. UDL On Campus, CAST.
    This webpage offers guidance for developing the syllabus elements while considering University Design for Learning (UDL).
  • Creating Accessible Documents. University of Washington.
    This website offers helpful tips for creating accessible documents from common applications.
  • Course Workload Estimator. Rice University
    This tool estimates a student's out of class hours/week based on the planned reading, assignments, and assessments.