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Contact USI

Notify USI Public Safety of all demonstrations at 812-492-7777 or ext. 7777. Public Safety may monitor the situation and will be responsible for contacting key administrators as necessary.

Most campus demonstrations will be peaceful and should not be interrupted. The following options should be observed:

  • Demonstrators should not be obstructed or provoked.
  • Non-demonstrators may want to avoid the area.
  • Efforts should be made to conduct University business as normally as possible.

In addition, contact Public Safety if one or more of the following conditions exists as the result of the demonstration:

  • Class(es) is/are disrupted
  • Disruption of normal operations of the University
  • Access to office(s), building(s) or other University facilities and roadways is blocked
  • Threat or actual physical harm to persons or damage to University facilities
  • Unauthorized entry into or occupation of any University room, building or area of the campus, including such entry or occupation at any unauthorized time, or any unauthorized or improper use of any University property, equipment or facilities
  • Willful demonstrations within the interior of any University building or structure, except specifically authorized and subject to reasonable conditions imposed to protect the rights and safety of other persons and to prevent damage to property

If a demonstration or related activities occurs which threaten personal safety or property, the following actions should be taken:

  • Alert Public Safety immediately.
  • Alert all individuals in the area of the situation.
  • Lock all doors; secure all files, documents, and equipment.
  • If necessary, cease operations and evacuate.

Public Safety Officers will assess the situation and determine if a law enforcement agency should be contacted.

Demonstrations or demonstrators in violation of University policy and Indiana state statute may be subject to:

  • Termination of event
  • Expulsion from campus
  • Arrest