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If you see something, say something - and if in doubt, report it!

When reporting an emergency or incident, remain calm, carefully explain the problem, and location to the USI Public Safety officer or dispatcher (812-492-7777 or Ext. 7777).    

Use the following methods to notify Public Safety:

  • Call the Public Safety office and speak with a dispatcher. If campus landlines are inoperable, call cell phone number 812-228-5029.
    • The dispatcher will obtain information from caller and provide an appropriate emergency response based on information provided.

  • Speak directly to a Public Safety or law enforcement officer patrolling the campus and housing areas.

  • Use an interior emergency phone.

  • Use a panic/duress alarm button in the public women's and men's restrooms on campus
    • Push the button
    • An audible alarm sounds at the location and at the Public Safety dispatch
    • Location of panic/duress alarm is known by dispatcher
    • If panic/duress button is pushed, a Public Safety officer is dispatched to location to investigate.

Report any concerns you have about students, faculty, staff, or visitors to:

  • USI Dean of Student’s Office, the CARE Team 812-464-1862
  • USI Public Safety 812-492-7777 or ext. 7777
  • USI Human Resources 812-464-1815