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2023 USI Graduate Student Colloquium

USI’s School of Graduate Studies has recently announced the 2023 Graduate Student Colloquium that will take place on Wednesday, April 5th. This will be the sixth colloquium allowing graduate students and alumni to showcase their work. To present, applicants are requested to complete the Abstract Submission form with a 350-word description of their work. Participants are asked to share and discuss the discoveries that they’ve made within their studies. Whether this is through original research that they’ve crafted, applicable skills they’ve acquired, or knowledge gained from their programs, the colloquium encourages students to share their current work. By sharing their research in a colloquium with their peers, students will find that their contributions play a large role in fostering a curious environment that is on the constant pursuit of new knowledge.

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What is the theme?

The theme for this year’s colloquium is From Discovery to Dissemination. As the theme suggests, the colloquium is designed to be a place where graduate students can share their work, no matter the state of the research. From the initial beginnings of discovery, to how they chose to disseminate what they’ve found to the world, the colloquium promotes interest in all our students’ work. This event is designed to give students a chance to discuss the current state of their work, and what they have or are hoping to discover through their research.


What good is discovery if we don’t share what we’ve found with others.

- Dr. Michael Dixon, Dean, School of Graduate Studies

What are my options?

Considering that many of our programs are online or have online aspects to the courses, the colloquium offers several presentation options for students who require a bit of flexibility. While the colloquium is held in person and students can present in person, there is also the option to present remotely or by prerecorded presentation. If you’re unable to make it to campus, these options are available to ensure that your contributions are recognized, and you’re able to share your research with an audience of peers and professors. Presentations include panel discussions, performances, papers, and posters. If you’re unable to present, feel free to log in to watch the colloquium live. Zoom information will be available closer to the event.

Why should I participate?

Graduate students spend much of their time engaged in their studies, discussing new discoveries, and working to fill the gaps in areas within their discipline. With all of this in mind, the colloquium is a respectful environment where participants can expect constructive feedback on their work from like-minded individuals who value scholarship. The colloquium gives students a chance to share their interests with their peers and promotes a dialogue between different disciplines, that can open a new window for discovery.


New discoveries are what keeps us engaged, but sharing our research with others is what keeps us excited.

- Dr. Michael Dixon, Dean, School of Graduate Studies