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Provisional Alternate Work Arrangement Policy for Support Staff and Administrators

This provisional policy, and any approved alternate work arrangement, will be effective on a trial basis from September 9, 2023, to December 22, 2023, and January 20, 2024 to August 9, 2024, and may be revised or discontinued at any time at the sole discretion of the University.

Alternate work arrangements include:

Compressed Workweek (for support staff only) - The scheduling of a traditional 37.5-hour work week into four days by adjusting the number of hours worked per day. This arrangement is only suitable for hourly (support) employees since exempt (administrative) employees may regularly work beyond 37.5 hours and 5 days per week.   In a Compressed Workweek, the number of hours scheduled per day may not exceed 10 hours. Compressed workweek is not available during weeks that include a paid holiday. 

Alternate Work Schedule - A modified work schedule with variable arrival, departure and/or lunch times. It is typically designed to enable employees to come in earlier or leave later than the organization’s normal hours of operation. This approach enables the department to ensure necessary office coverage, customer service, and staff interactions are maintained during the core hours. Employees must take a minimum of a thirty (30) minute lunch if working six hours or more in a day.

Hybrid Work - Performance of normal work duties both on-campus at the employee's Regularly Assigned Place of Employment and off-campus at an Alternate Work Location. Up to two days per week at approved Alternate Work Location. 

The University may offer alternate work arrangements as long as the interests of the University and employee align, productivity of the employee is maintained, and University rules, procedures and policies are followed. The employee’s hours of work at the Regularly Assigned Place of Employment or off-campus at an Alternate Work Location, should generally be consistent from week to week and must not be used to substitute for caregiving services of any kind.

Alternate Work Arrangements must be approved by your supervisor, Dean/Director, and Vice President and comply with the University rules, procedures, and policies. Final approval will come from Human Resources.

All offices must remain open, and the operational needs of our campus must be met. Due to the already flexible nature of teaching, this policy does not generally apply to faculty. 

Alternate work arrangements should not be used to substitute for caregiving services of any kind. Arrangements for alternate work must not cause or contribute to the need for additional staff or for existing staff to perform additional duties or work additional overtime hours.

Your supervisor, appropriate Vice President, or Human Resources can field any specific questions you might have. 

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