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Administrative Assistants and Associates Organization
This organization was formed in 1969 to build unity within USI employees, to learn ways to improve professionally, and to establish an endowed scholarship to help eligible USI students. Membership in AA&A is $15 annually and is open to all USI employees.

Administrative Senate
Members of Administrative Senate are elected from various areas of campus to represent administrative employees by presenting the unique viewpoints, positions, and interests of the University’s administrative staff while working collaboratively with other university employee groups and committees.

Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate is the representative body of USI's faculty with governing authority on matters pertaining to academic and educational interests of the University. Members of Faculty Senate represent each College with two additional positions serving an at-large representation. 

Staff Council
Staff Council is an elected group of individuals who represent the support staff of USI. Its purpose is to support the University and assist in making the managerial process more effective by encouraging the enhancement of the work environment and work life of employees, fostering staff involvement in University matters, and upholding and strengthening the mission of the University of Southern Indiana.

University Committees
There are several University Committees employees may be asked to serve on. The committees vary on purpose and offer a diverse opportunity for engagement. 

USI Retirees
USI Retirees encourages members to share their expertise and talent while engaging in social, service, and learning activities at USI and in the larger community. Retired USI employees, partners, spouses, and surviving spouses may join as active members for only $20 per year (per person).