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Save the Date: USI Wellness Fair

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

A few things to remember for 2019 

  • You will receive a new card from Anthem with the CVS Caremark information, within the next few days.
    • You will use this card on or after 1/1/2019.
    • The CVS Caremark logo will appear on the lower back portion of the card
  • In-network Pharmacies include: Not only CVS, but, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Schnucks, Walmart, Nations and many more!
  • Your old Anthem card with the Express Scripts information, will no longer work after 12/31/2018.
  • Anthem is still experiencing issues with printing cards online, although some members have been successful.
    • Anthem recommends using Chrome to log into Anthem. 
  • If you need a card please reach out to the benefits team, we are able to print one.
  • If you received a letter from CVS Caremark, be sure to open it and follow any directions, if you have questions about the letter call 1-844-259-1254 or the number on the letter.
  • USI has authorized a one-time exception for the first 30-day fill of a non-covered drug to allow for time for the Prior Authorization process to complete. If your claim is denied because it needs a prior authorization, you can request a bridge fill by calling 1-844-259-1254.
  • Phone numbers to give your physician for Prior Authorizations:
    • CVS Non-specialty Prior Authorizations - 1-800-294-5979
    • CVS Specialty Prior Authorizations - 1-800-237-2767

2019 Anthem Contact Information

  • Anthem Customer Service - 1-833-639-1637
  • Anthem Prior Authorization – 1-833-578-4441
  • (optional)  
  • App Store: Engage Wellbeing (optional)

2019 CVS Caremark Contact Information

  • CVS Pharmacy Member Services - 1-844-259-1254
  • CVS Non-specialty Prior Authorizations - 1-800-294-5979
  • CVS Specialty Prior Authorizations - 1-800-237-2767
  • (optional)
  • App Store: CVS Caremark Mobile App (optional)

The CVS Caremark website 

Go to to register for online services.

 On-line Registration Directions:

  • Go to
  • Click Register now
  • Click the member ID option
  • Click continue
  • On the Step one page, click “have no ID’ under choose an option
  • Complete the form
  • Click continue
  • Follow directions on form

2019 Open Enrollment 

To make changes to your USI insurance benefits, you must have a qualifying event. Otherwise make changes during our annual Open Enrollment period in October-November. 2019 Open enrollment will begin October 23, 2018 and run through November 6, 2018. Check out the Open Enrollment page for links to forms and schedules! 2019 Open Enrollment is now closed. 

New eligibility rules for health insurance beginning in 2019

The plan will remove the following eligibility provision:

The following children, if the Subscriber provides more than fifty percent (50%) of the child’s total support: The Subscriber’s or the Subscriber’s spouse’s grandchildren or other blood relatives [are eligible].

The plan will grandfather currently enrolled dependents of Employees that meet the standard above so they do not lose coverage. However, the Plan will not cover new dependents that meet these criteria in the future.

Please contact the Benefits Team if you have any questions or concerns. 

A new way to view your Benefits

As a result of suggestions last open enrollment season, a new way to view your benefits has been developed! You can now view your Benefit Statement by logging into MyUSI.  Once you login, you can view your benefits including the amount of additional life insurance you elected, the percentage of your income you are contributing towards your retirement, coverage in the insurance plans,  and which dependents are enrolled. This option is available to all active benefits-eligible employees.  

University moving to new prescription drug plan provider

To achieve the University of Southern Indiana's goal of managing health care costs, Human Resources continually assesses a number of areas for cost savings. After evaluating the options a decision has been reached to switch to a new pharmacy benefit manager (prescription drug plan), CVS Caremark, part of the Indiana Aggregate Prescription Purchasing Program (IAPPP). The change will take effect January 1, 2019. This move will result in a cost savings for the University and aligns USI with other state institutions which are already members of the IAPPP. 

As a result of ongoing efforts to control health care costs, 2019 premiums for Anthem Core and Anthem HSA Health Plans will see no increase for the coming year. The 2019 premiums for remaining insurance plans, such as dental and vision, will be announced at the Benefits Bash on October 23.

With regard to the pharmacy changes, no action is required at this time. As the transition begins, those individually affected by the change will receive direct communication from CVS Caremark. Additional details will also be provided this fall during our annual open enrollment, at the Benefits Bash and through other channels as needed. Please reserve any questions until this time. This change only affects the University's prescription drug plan and does not change the medical plans or coverage.

Some In-Network Pharmacies Include:


*List not all inclusive, more details to come on how to find In-Network Pharmacies. 

New Anthem Cards Coming in 2019

Anthem will be sending out new streamlined member cards around the beginning of 2019. The new membership ID card will be cleaner, neater, less cluttered and easier to read and will feature our new Pharmacy provider. 

Members will see the same great style of ID card that identifies them as an Anthem member. But the cost-share amounts on the card's front will be gone. Market research has indicated that members prefer a less busy look to their ID card. In other words, they want to see it less cluttered, with not so much information.

A plus for doctors
Doctors use Electronic Data Interchange to validate a member’s benefits. And they get the most up-to-date cost-share details from these sources, not the member's ID card. So, as the new ID card is phased in, doctors’ offices will experience less confusion when a member shows them an older card with outdated benefits.

A plus for our members
The change will also encourage members to learn more about their benefits through our digital and online tools. Plus, they can keep their card for as long as they remain in the same plan design, regardless of changes to their cost-share amounts.

And don’t forget
Members can download and view an electronic version of their ID card in our Anthem Anywhere mobile app anytime, anywhere. The digital ID card is convenient, it reduces wallet bulk, and it's accepted at any doctor's office. The mobile app makes it easy to email or fax a copy of the ID card on the spot, right from a smartphone.

The electronic cards look just like our physical ID cards. This will be true with the new design, too. And members can show either an electronic or a paper ID card when they go to a doctor.

How to get the app
For members who don't use the electronic version yet, all they need to do is download the Anthem Anywhere mobile app from Google Play or iTunes, then tap it to see all the features. It’s simple and convenient to use!

NEW HSA Contribution Election Process

The benefits team is pleased to announce that USI will no longer require employees to complete a new HSA contribution election form each year. After the 2019 open enrollment the contribution will remain the same until a new form is completed.

 What do I need to do during the 2019 Open Enrollment?

  • Complete the attached form for contributions beginning 1/1/2019
  • Note: After this open enrollment, participants will no longer be required to resubmit the HSA Election Form annually

 What other changes should I be aware?

  • 2019 HSA Maximum Contribution Limits are $3,500/single and $7,000/family. (Maximum includes Employee and Employer contributions)

2018 Wellness Fair

USI was proud to once again host the Annual Wellness Fair. This event is an extensive collection of wellness resources, free screenings and samples. Join the fun next year for chances to win door prizes or the grand prize! See the Wellness Fair page for more information! 

Monthly live webinars through TIAA’s Virtual Environment

 TIAA is introducing monthly webinars through its interactive site called the Virtual Environment: This innovative resource offers users 24/7 access to a wide range of articles, on-demand seminars, and live monthly seminars on a variety of essential financial topics.

Live webinars to boost financial know-how

The live events will give participants real world financial tips, tactics and techniques to help start, build, and maintain your retirement savings. Space at these webinars is on a first-come, first-served basis. Employees can reserve their place at any of the webinars by visiting

TIAA will offer new webinars throughout the year including topics like navigating women’s unique financial challenges, how to manage income in retirement, etc., so visit the virtual environment today to sign up.

Wellness Resources

Our 2017 Wellness Fair was a great success, we love seeing people of all ages come out to learn about wellness. USI supports employees with their wellness goals. Keep your wellness on track, visit the Rec Center for group exercise, educational workshops and wellness resources. Did you know that USI has multiple trails on and around campus? Visit the USI Trails website for maps and information.   

Additional Benefits

The University also offers on-campus benefits and conveniences such as use of the Recreation, Fitness and Wellness Center, University Health Center, Dental Clinic, Rice Library, and childcare at the Children's Learning Center. Discounts are available at the USI Campus Store and Screaming Eagles athletic home games.

Tuition fee waivers are available for eligible employees, their spouses and dependents. Employees may also have fees waived for noncredit courses offered by Outreach and Engagement. 

Off campus benefits including local business employee discounts also are available. 

Need a form? Check out the Benefits Portal page for the latest benefits forms. 

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