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Effective March, 1, 2024, CDC announced their updated COVID-19 guideline. COVID-19 is now aligned with other common respiratory viral illnesses, including influenza (flu) and RSV. The Respiratory virus guidance is located at Respiratory Virus Guidance (

Guidance on Leave of Absences

If an employee should have an absence of three or more days and continuous intermittent treatment, they may need to apply for a leave of absence (FMLA or PLOA). For example, an employee missed 3 days of work and then has a follow up appointment within 7 days of the first absence. For more information, please see the Leave of Absence policy.

Per the University's Leaves of Absence Policy, an employee absent more than 5 consecutive days will be placed on a medical leave of absence.

To return to work, the employee must submit a medical release from a physician to their supervisor. The release must state the date of return and any restrictions the employee may have, employees can use the Return-to-Work form. The University reserves the right to request a physical release to return to work for absences of less than (5) five days.

Access Leave of Absence Request Forms and submit to