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Managing Device Registrations

Students, faculty, and staff can manage their wireless registrations from any computer on the USI network.

If you are trying to register a device without a web browser (such as a TV or Xbox), read "Manually Add a Device."

Manually registering a device will require the MAC address of the device's wireless card. Instructions on how to get the MAC address varies between devices; it is typically located in the settings area. If you need help finding the MAC address or registering a device please contact the IT Help Desk.

Go to and login with your USI username and password.

Click "Add New Device" on the Home Screen.

Step 1: Type your device's MAC Address (A MAC Address looks like: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)

Step 2: Choose what device you are registering (If not listed choose "Other")

Step 3: Name your device (example: My PS4)

Step 4: Click Register to finish

Go to and login with your USI username and password.

Step 1: Select the device(s) that you want to delete

Step 2: Click "Delete Selected"