University of Southern Indiana

Manage Device Registrations

Students, faculty, and staff can manage their wireless registrations from any computer on the USI network.

Go to and login with your USI username and password.

To Manually Add a Device

Once logged in, you will need to manually add devices that do not have access to a web browser.

Manually registering a device will require the MAC address of the device's wireless card. Instructions on how to get the MAC address varies between devices. It is typically located in the settings area. If you need help finding the MAC address or registering a device please contact the IT Help Desk.

Click "Add New Device" on the Home Screen.

Step 1: Type your device's MAC Address (A MAC Address looks like: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)

Step 2: Choose what device you are registering (If not listed choose "Other")

Step 3: Name your device (example: My PS4)

Step 4: Click Register to finish

STEP 1 Register


To Delete a Device

Deleting Registrations

Step 1: Select the device(s) that you want to delete

Step 2: Click "Delete Selected"

Contact Information Technology


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