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You can use a Computer Lab Printer to print your classwork. Most Lab Printers use the Uniprint System to charge students for their paper usage. Students must have Flex Money on their Eagle Access Card. You can pickup your print job from any lab or library printer regardless of where you printed from.

Steps for using Uniprint

1. Upload the document

  • Go to (https must be typed or the page will not load).
  • Log in with your myUSI credentials. This brings up My Print Center, your personal print queue.
  • Click the "Upload" button on the upper left side.
  • Browse to your document and choose it. You should see it in your queue. 
  • Select the checkbox to the left of your document
  • At bottom right choose B&W or color, front and back, number of copies. The printing cost will appear to right of document name.
  • Log Out of My Print Center (top right)
    * If you see an error screen, you may have to go to Advanced and click "proceed to website anyway". The site is safe, but there might be a certificate error. 

2. Print the document

  • Go to a Printer from this list (use the workstation near the printer)
  • Sign in to My Print Center with your myUSI username and password
  • Click the print button on the right side of the screen.
  • Pick up your printed paper(s) within 2 hours.