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We install, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair the campus telephone system.  Requests for a new telephone, or changes to an existing telephone, should be directed to the IT Helpdesk (812) 465-1080. 

TTY service is provided in the Counseling Center and the University Center for hearing impaired students. 

Activation of a phone is $100 and includes activating the port, providing required cables, and installation of a Cisco phone.  Analog lines are available, but do not come with a phone.  If a port needs to be installed or moved, IT will provide an internal quote for the service based on $32 per hour labor plus materials.  More complex runs may require a quote from an outside contractor.  

Phone bills are produced monthly and provided to the fiscal managers.  Billing rates and the codes shown on the bill are provided in the tables below

Charges for Types of Phone Lines
Description Cost
Cisco / IP (Our standard desk phone) $34.67/month
Analog (FAX machines and Emergency Phones) $21.28/month
Phantom (Required for incoming toll-free, call routing, etc.) $21.28/month

Current Rates for Outgoing Calls (2019)
Description Cost
Intrastate .05/min
Interstate/US .06/min
International .10/min
No Cost .00/min
Premium .50/min
Toll Free .00/min