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By the end of the conversation the student can share with the mentor their goals for school and if applicable their reflections on the school experience so far.


Share some brief background information about yourself, such as...

  • School (major, favorite classes, etc.)
  • Family
  • Career
  • Why you, the student, are participating in the coaching program

Of course, only share what you're comfortable with!

Expectations for the Coaching Program

Discuss what each of you expect from the other during your time working together. Jot down your expectations in a shared Google doc or email it to yourselves so you can return to it later.


Student: I expect that my coach will…

  • Be an ‘accountability buddy’ to help me achieve my goals
  • Not judge me when I make a mistake
  • Be honest with me about the challenges they have faced in their own life
  • Be available to talk to me at least once per month in a way that works well for both of us (phone, text, FaceTime, etc.)

Coach: I expect that my student will…

  • Be respectful of my time
  • Think about the ways that I can be most helpful, and let me know when I’m not being as helpful as they want me to be
  • Be open-minded about trying new strategies for success

Discuss any questions you have about being part of this program.

This is a reminder that the coach is there to help and not do for the student. Coaches are meant to help with strategies of moving forward and not to just be an easy answer for everything. 

Program Expectations

Review the expectations and logistics of the program:

  • You will be meeting regularly over the next few months as part of this program.
  • Discuss availability. What is the best time for future meetings?
  • Your coach is here to share stories, offer advice, and answer questions. They’re an added resource for success
  • What questions or thoughts about the program do you have?


If you speak more about goal setting, here are some additional resources about the SMART goals framework:


StrengthsQuest access codes are available for students to take the assessment. If this becomes an option, please let Nathan Payne know in advance so that the code can be provided before the next meeting. 

As you speak about strengths and how they can help the student move forward, remember to examine each other's and how they contribute to success.

StrengthQuest resources: