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This discussion guide provides tips and resources to better support each other in having conversations on racial injustices and navigating hard conversations.

Topics and Resources

Understanding Bias

Addressing Bias

  • Talk about racial injustice with your family/friends
  • Find ways to fight racism in your daily lives
  • Speak UP against racism

Background: Protests of Spring 2020

  • NY Times presents a timeline of the George Floyd protests
  • Fast Company highlights the different ways to support the cause


In these challenging situations, stress tends to build up. Here are some activities that will help you process all that’s happening and accelerate your journey to mental well-being:

  • Guided meditation: This meditation guide is specifically centered around the BLM movement. It can help you find some calm in the chaos and leave you energized to tackle the challenges ahead.

  • Creative Expression: If you’re into writing, try this Haiku worksheet with your coach/student. This offers a great opportunity to freely put your thoughts and concerns into words.

  • Work on your “TED Talk”: Ted Talks are given by individuals that have made a significant impact in a field of their liking. Discuss with your coach/student how they picture themselves on that stage, what topic will they talk about, what are some things they would like to have done by then. This will help create concrete goals, create excitement around these goals, and set you out on an action plan.

  • Understanding Pronouns: This website walks you through a guide to help you learn how to use people's correct pronouns and their gender identity. Including pronouns is a first step toward respecting people's identity and creating a more welcoming space for people of all genders.
  • Frequent check-ins: Schedule 5-10 minutes for a check-in every time you get in touch with your coach/student. This will help you understand how their week/month went and keep you on the same page as them. Reflecting will also help you understand how you feel about what you’ve achieved in that duration.

Parting Thoughts

If you need additional guidance in understanding or dealing with racial injustice, please let us know by reaching out to your coach, or contacting the USI Institutional Equity Office at