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Promotion and/or Tenure Portfolio Guidelines - Prior to Fall 2017

Early career faculty members (e.g., Assistant Professor, Clinical Assistant Professor) appointed to their current rank prior to Fall 2017 have the option to select the version of the portfolio guidelines they will use. The Portfolio Guidelines Selection form should be submitted to the Dean's Office by October 11, 2017.  If a selection is not submitted by the deadline date, the portfolio guidelines option will default to the version effective Fall 2017.

Clinical Track Instructions / Information

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Promotion and/or Tenure Portfolio Guidelines - Effective Fall 2017

The portfolio guidelines version effective Fall 2017 is required for faculty members whose appointment starts Fall 2017 or later, and for associate professors applying for promotion starting in Fall 2018.  Clinical Track faculty members submitting portfolios for promotion or reappointment review will follow the effective Fall 2017 guidelines starting in Fall 2018.

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