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The following information may be made available to the public unless a student restricts its release by written notice. Information restriction request forms are available in the Registrar's Office.

  • University directory (either online or in print): the following information may be published by the University: name, mailing address, telephone numbers, and USI e-mail address - unless a USI Directory Restriction request form is filed with the Registrar's Office during the first three weeks of each fall semester.
  • General requests for student information: when appropriate, the following information also may be made public by the University through printed programs, news releases of awards, etc.: majors and minors, degrees, awards received, dates of attendance, most recent educational institution attended, billing address, participation in officially recognized activities or sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, USI student ID number, classification, enrollment status. An Information Release Restriction Request form can be submitted 1) to be effective for only the single term specified, or 2) to remain in place until revoked in writing.

The submission of a student's social security number is voluntary. The University will not use the number, if supplied, for purposes other than internal record-keeping and institutional statistics, without a student's written permission.

Quick Guide to Releasing Directory Information

Only data defined as "Directory Information" may be released (when appropriate) without the expressed written permission of the student.* No other information contained in a student's educational records may be released to persons or organizations without the student's prior written approval.

A chart below lists information that is frequently requested from student education records and indicates whether or not it is Directory Information.

When in doubt, DO NOT release information to others; consult the Registrar's Office. 

Are the following items considered "Directory Information"? YES* NO
Biographic/Demographic Information    
Student's full name   
Mailing address and telephone number (including Permanent address and phone)  
Billing address
Email address (  
Date/Place of birth X
Parent's names and/or address X
Academic Information    
Dates of attendance  
Academic program (major/minor)  
Grades, term GPA, cumulative GPA, or number of earned hours   X
Academic Standing (probation, dismissal, whether student is eligible to return to school)   X
Specific number of cumulative credit hours   X
Classification level and type (Second Semester Freshman, First Semester Junior, etc.)  
Specific number of credits enrolled for a term   X
Enrollment status for previous, current, or future terms (full-time, half-time, or less than half-time)  
Current class schedule   X
Degrees, honors, certificates awarded  
Whether student has applied for graduation
Unmet degree requirements for graduation   X
Prior institutions attended  
Copies of transcripts from other schools or colleges   X
General Information    
Social Security Number   X
USI student ID number
MyUSI password   X
Account balance   X
Financial records of parents   X
Participation in officially recognized activities or sports  
Weight/height of members of athletic teams  
Student employment records   X
Psychiatric or psychological records   X
Ethnicity/race/nationality X
Gender X
Religion X

* Unless the student has submitted a USI Directory Restriction Request or an Information Release Restriction Request form.