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About us:

Being well can help you do well inside and outside of the classroom. Wellness is an active, continuous process of self-enhancement, and contributes to your ability to thrive as a USI student. Wellness extends beyond just the physical, and is a multi-dimensional state of being.  It's all about balance!

Student Wellness Programs develops, implements, and coordinates health and wellness programs for USI students. The Student Wellness Office is located in room 219 in the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center. 

Throughout the year, we partner with campus departments/organizations and local community agencies to provide wellness education and services including:

  • Educational programs about health topics including nutrition, sleep, stress management, alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, healthy relationships and more. 
  • Free and confidential monthly HIV testing.
  • Presentations and trainings for student groups and classes.  

Kinesiology & Sport Activities

For students enrolled in KIN 192 or KIN 281 you are required to complete 4 Fitness Activities, 2 Wellness Activities, and 2 Fitness OR Wellness Activities. Check your syllabus for the number of each activity required for your specific class. 

If you have questions, or if there is something you would like to do that is not on this list, please contact your course instructor.

Request a Presentation:

Looking for a guest presentation for your class or student organization this semester? Consider a presentation related to wellness! Presentations are typically 30 minutes, but the length can be adjusted depending on the needs of your group. Presentation topics include stress management, self-care, general wellness, sleep, alcohol safety, and bystander intervention. Contact for more information.


Description: Wellness expands beyond exercise and healthy eating – it is a multidimensional concept that includes physical, emotional, social, spiritual and financial dimensions. This presentation discusses the importance of self-care and prioritizing our personal wellness and introduces students to the wide range of wellness resources available to them at USI.

Description: We all play a role in creating a safe, welcoming and caring campus community. Being an active bystander means taking action when we see/hear something we’re concerned about. Based on the Step-Up Bystander Intervention program, this presentation will discuss the steps to being an active bystander on campus, how to overcome the common challenges to intervening, intervention styles and campus resources.

Description: Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but how we make sense of it and respond to it can make a world of difference for our well-being. This presentation will discuss strategies for stress management including practicing self-care, mindfulness, challenging negative thoughts and more. Campus resources are also highlighted.

Description: Sufficient sleep is necessary for students to retain what they learn in class and is essential for staying both physically and emotionally healthy. This presentation discusses the importance of sleep and introduces students to basic sleep hygiene practices to improve sleep quality.

Description: Alcohol is a prominent part of the college social scene. Too often, students are harmed by risky drinking because of inaccurate information or misperceptions. This presentation discusses the difference between low-risk drinking and high-risk drinking, the health and academic impacts of alcohol use, campus social norms, strategies for reducing risk and campus resources.