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In 2008, the Pott College embarked on an ambitious five-year strategic plan, the first ever in the history of the College, which provided the framework for the success the College enjoys today. In addition to the list of key examples of accomplishments found on this website, the College developed many new programs and initiatives that will be the foundation for future growth and success. During this first plan, the College established a comprehensive College-wide assessment system that serves to provide data-driven decision making for curriculum changes and development. New programs and recruitment and retention initiatives resulted in four new majors, student co-op and internship opportunities increasing by 75 percent, a doubling of the number of students majoring in the STEM disciplines, an 11 percent increase in freshman to sophomore retention, and a 10 percent increase in four-year graduation rates.

In 2011, University restructuring resulted in the addition of two departments, Teacher Education and Kinesiology and Sport, merging into the Pott College. Shortly thereafter, the Pott College officially became the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education. The addition of two outstanding departments and the extensive accomplishments from the first strategic plan provided the guidance in developing this second, 2015–2020, strategic plan. This new plan will continue to move the College to new levels of success. We are excited about our newest "roadmap to success".

The Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education strives to be a leader in quality undergraduate education and experiences including professional development and community partnerships.

The mission of the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education is to provide students with a rigorous and diverse undergraduate education by developing analytical, problem-solving and communication skills that prepare students for careers and post-graduate pursuits. We promote student and faculty interactions in state-of-the-art facilities and provide opportunities for students to participate in undergraduate research, scientific discovery and hands-on learning experiences.