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Geology, Physics and Environmental Science offers numerous opportunities to students, including Bachelor of Science degree programs in Biophysics, Environmental Science, Geology, and Physics. The Department also has the following minors: Biophysics, Geography, Geology, and Physics. USI also offers the following Bachelor of Science degrees in Secondary Science Teaching: Earth-Space Science, Physical Science, and Physics. Please feel free to stop by and visit with a faculty member in Geology, Physics and Environmental Science to learn more about our programs. We are located on the second floor of the Science Center.

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J. R. Dick Harris Memorial Scholarship
Leroy L. Jochum Memorial Geology Scholarship
Belle McGregor Geology Scholarship
Gene M. Kennard Geology Scholarship Endowment
Walter F. Sill Geology Field Camp Award
Walter F. Sill Memorial Academic Merit Award
Walter F. Sill Memorial Promising Prospective Geology Student Scholarship
Walter F. Sill Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Geology

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Rachel Bacher '17

In the summer, I conduct wildlife surveys for sensitive species, such as Golden Eagles, Horned Lizards, Pine Marten, etc. I help protect foraging habitat, nests, and other critical areas in the forest for these species. Starting in the winter, I will begin entering data into our national database for the raptors on our forest (the Black Hills National Forest), which will be used in a future study.

Hannah Walker '18

USI's Environmental Science program prepared me for my job as an Environmental Specialist for Indiana's Department of Natural Resources. The interplay between natural science, society, and environmental history in this program provided me with a balanced view to pursue a successful career as an environmental scientist.

Grace Stone '17

I am currently working on my Master's degree in Geology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL). In addition to working on my master's thesis, Geochemical Analysis of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (Upper Cretaceous) Core Recovered from Eads Poitevent # 1, I am also a Teaching Assistant at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Michael Stephens '15

I work for the California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater program, where our central goal is to answer questions about the impacts of oil and gas development on water resources in the state. Specifically, I use geophysical and geochemical data to map groundwater salinity in and around oil fields to identify protected groundwater resources.

Bryce Chambers '11 & '13

I am a Project Manager at Farmer Environmental Group (an environmental consulting company) in Houston Texas. I work on a wide range of projects from asbestos inspections, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, and my specialty Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) Surveying and remediation.