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College and Career Planning

  • Learn More Indiana:
    • In Indiana, a majority of high school students plan on earning a college degree but many don't know the steps necessary to make that dream a reality.  That's why Learn More Indiana is here to help Hoosiers understand how to prepare, plan and pay for college.
  • Indiana Career Explorer:
    • Indiana Career Explorer is an easy online tool available to all Hoosiers to explore their career interests and skills. You can identify occupations, establish educational strategies and ultimately connect to employers through
  • Explore Health Careers:
    • A free, multi-disciplinary, interactive health careers website designed to explain the array of health professions and provide easy access to students seeking information about health careers. This website is a joint initiative involving national foundations, professional associations, health career advisors, educational institutions, and college students.
  • Public Health Careers:
    • Public health may conjure images of community medical clinics or awareness campaigns promoting healthy living, but the field is not nearly so narrow. Instead, public health professionals are involved in everything from identifying diseases to creating public policy to helping refugees integrate into new communities. This website offers a guide to careers within the public health sphere, as well as the various educational options needed to enter, advance and succeed in the field.
  • Indiana Youth Institute:
    • As an advocate for healthy youth development in Indiana, the Indiana Youth Institute provides capacity-building programs and resources for the state’s youth workers and nonprofit, youth-serving organizations.

  • INDemand Jobs:
    • INDIANACAREERREADY focuses on high-demand, high-wage jobs for today and tomorrow. The INDemand focus will help ensure a long and rewarding career. The demand indicator used is based on a methodology that ranks all Indiana jobs based on future growth and wages. Whether you are searching for your first job, changing jobs, re-entering the workforce or planning a career change make the INDemand Jobs page the cornerstone of your efforts.