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OSPR Staff is here to help you create a successful proposal.  Please let us know your plans for submitting a grant proposal or federal contract as soon as possible by completing the Grant Application/Federal Contract Pre-Notice form.

Also, be aware that all grant applications or federal contracts are due to the OSPR office 8 business days prior to grant submission date or federal contract deadline.  See the External Project Approval Calendar for the 8 day schedule.

Most grant proposals include common elements. For a description and helpful tips on these elements, see our Common Components of Grant Proposals tip sheet.

When creating a budget for a grant or federal contract, see the descriptions of common budget categories to accurately estimate salary costs. 

OSPR requires all grant proposals and federal contracts submitted to our office include a budget justification, regardless if the funding agency requires one or not. Example Budget Justification

A well written grant can give faculty a competitive edge. For grant writing assistance, use these resources published in 2012 and 2013. Grant Writing Resources. See notes from the National Institutes of Health 2013 Professional Grant Development Workshop for tips on NIH grants. NIH Resource Workbook