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The USI student trustee is a full voting member of the USI Board of Trustees, with all rights, responsibilities and privileges accorded to all trustees. The student trustee participates in six regular board meetings each year, and special meetings as needed. The student trustee serves on board committees, takes part in various university functions and ceremonies, and advocates the University's mission. The only difference between the student trustee and all other trustees is the length of term—student trustees serve two years, and other trustees serve four years. See Expectations of the Student Trustee.


Members of the USI Board of Trustees do not receive compensation, but they are paid a small per diem when fulfilling their responsibilities, and all expenses related to board activities are covered.


We encourage USI students interested in university governance to attend USI Board of Trustees meetings. We urge full-time students who are eligible to apply for the student trustee position. Applications for the 2023-2025 term are now closed.