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Be the Match
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We’re doing something epic—something that really matters. Every 4 minutes, someone is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease like leukemia, lymphoma, or sickle cell anemia. For thousands of these patients, the only chance for a cure is a bone marrow transplant from someone outside their family. Be The Match® is a nonprofit organization of donors, volunteers, researchers and health care professionals that delivers cures for blood cancers. The University of Southern Indiana is joining universities across the nation and taking part in this extraordinary, life-saving work.

Be The Match at the University of Southern Indiana is a student organization dedicated to giving students and the surrounding community the opportunity to join the bone marrow registry, give their financial support, and volunteer their time. We’re working hard to add young, diverse, committed potential marrow donors to the Be The Match Registry and to raise funds that save lives.

Eagles in Action
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Our mission is to enable those with a passion for service to develop and lead original projects that will positively affect our community. This club serves as a great opportunity for those seeking both leadership skills and opportunities to serve the community of Evansville. Students will be able to target a problem that they see in their community and devise a solution that will help ameliorate the trouble with the support of a team of individuals who are also passionately driven to help others. If students don't have a specific issue they want to address in the community, they are welcome to join in assisting with the success of current projects! 

Eagles in Action is a USI Student Organization focused on community service projects.

MISSION: to enable those with a passion for service to develop and lead original projects that will positively affect our community. 

Students Members Are Invited To:

  • Help on current projects (AND/OR)
  • Target a problem they see in their community and devise a solution that will help ameliorate it with the support of a team of individuals who are also passionately driven to help others.

Timmy Global Health
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Timmy Global Health expands access to health care and empowers students and volunteers to tackle today's most pressing global health challenges. Timmy sends medical service teams to support the work of international partner organizations and channels financial, medical, and human resources to community-based health and development projects. 

USI Student Ambassadors
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The Student Ambassador Organization (SAO) is a group of individuals that features the very best of what USI has to offer.  Although each member of the SAO is unique regarding personality, interests and background, all members share one common thread - pride and enthusiasm for the University of Southern Indiana.
Student Ambassadors serve as University representatives, recruiters, hosts, tour guides, and leaders.  The purpose of the organization is to provide guests with University information and a current student's view of campus life at USI.  The goal of the SAO is to promote USI to prospective students, current students and alumni.