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Thinking About Other Universities?

Non-USI bound students can see how their USI coursework transfers through the Indiana Core Transfer Library or Transferology. Any dual-credit course a student registers for counts towards the overall number of credit hours a student may receive federal financial aid for. Thus, it is important that CAP students carefully consider any dual-credit courses before registering for them and verify that they will apply towards a potential future degree map.

It is important that students be sure to request their official transcript be sent to their institution (if not attending USI) in myUSI. Schools will not award credit for courses that they do not have a transcript for. Transcripts may be requested once CAP grades are officially recorded (usually mid-June). Those students who request a transcript should be sure to select the 'Hold For Grade(s)' option when ordering their transcript in myUSI. Students should also be sure to bring an unofficial transcript from myUSI to orientation for advising/class registration. Students are advised of this process in a course completion letter passed out by the CAP instructor at the conclusion of the CAP course. 

Prior to registering for a CAP course, students should investigate how the CAP course will transfer to any prospective institutions and how that course will fit into their degree plan. 

Video on How to Investigate Transferability (For Non-USI Bound Students):