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  1. A director should have a keen interest in education and should believe in the value of publicly-supported higher education.

  2. A director should maintain an awareness of the issues affecting public higher education, and be willing to be an advocate for public higher education and for the University of Southern Indiana.

  3. A director should make a commitment to attend the meetings of the board, and in advance of meetings to become familiar with materials related to discussions which will be on the agenda.

  4. A director should be willing to spend time on specific working committees or to assist with special projects.

  5. Because the Foundation is engaged in fund raising, a director should be willing to make an annual gift to the Foundation. Although many directors give at generous levels, the amount is not as important as the commitment to the concept of charitable giving by all directors.

  6. A director should be willing to identify sources of support, both financial and otherwise, for projects of the University and the Foundation, and should be willing to ask others for their financial support and influence. Information about donors and donations is confidential and should be treated with discretion.

  7. A director should be willing to assume positions of leadership on the board and in committee work from time to time.

  8. A director should be willing to assist in identifying and recruiting other directors who have the ability to meet all Expectations of Directors Serving on the USI Foundation Board.

Adopted by the USI Foundation Board of Directors
May 25, 1999