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In July of 2005 Susie Nicholson announced that she would retire in August of 2006. Foundation board director Bob Roeder '71, a member of the University’s first graduating class, suggested to honor Susie for her 20 years of work in the development office. At its May 18, 2006 Annual Board Meeting, the USI Foundation Board of Directors adopted an appreciation resolution for Suzanne A. Nicholson.  

Suzanne A. Nicholson Leadership Award
Criteria for selection:

1) any living individual who has exercised a strong leadership role in fulfilling the mission of the USI Foundation; and

2) who embodies Susie Nicholson’s dedication and spirit in meeting the needs of the University of Southern Indiana. 

Current officers of the USI Foundation Board (Executive Committee) and University staff are ineligible. 

Recipients of the Nicholson Leadership Award

2007    Bruce H. and Carol A. Baker

2016    David W. Herrenbruck ’76

2008    Rolland M. Eckels

2017    Sherrianne M. Standley

2009    Ronald D. Romain ’73

2018    Bix Branson

2010    James A. Sanders

2019    Neal Franklin

2011    John M. Dunn

2020    Vicki Campbell

2012    Chris D. Melton ’72

2021   John Schutz '82

2013    Trudy E. Mitchell

2022   Karen S. Walker

2014    Betty J. Worthington 

2023  Joey V. Barnett '81

2015    Robert C. Roeder '71 

2024 Robert W. (Bob) Swan ’72