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Clinical Simulation Center

The College of Nursing and Health Professions at the University of Southern Indiana houses a Clinical Simulation Center for students pursuing careers in health care. The Clinical Simulation Center, which is designed to have the appearance and feel of a real hospital, is a realistic, safe, environment in which students may practice newly-gained skills and knowledge before entering the clinical setting where they will encounter real patients.  

The Clinical Simulation Center is located on the second floor of the Health Professions Center.


  • Patient rooms with hospital-style sliding glass doors, patient monitors, working medical gases, suction, over bed lighting, IV pumps, and hospital beds. 

  • Ceiling mounted cameras and microphones and one-way viewing windows, which allow simulated scenarios to be recorded or streamed live to classrooms.

  • Simulator mannequins with palpable pulses, breathing, breath sounds, cardiac sounds, bowel sounds, urinary bladders, and the ability to vocalize either recorded material or live speech. Medical moulage makeup is used to make scenarios more visually realistic. Students can perform the following medical procedures on the mannequins:
    • Observation of vital signs
    • Insertion of nasogastric tube
    • Insertion of intravenous lines
    • Placement of catheters and chest tubes
    • Intubation
    • Manual or mechanical ventilation
    • Shock by working defibrillator
    • Tracheotomy
  • A clinic exam room with a patient exam table and instruments and tools needed for physical assessment of a patient in an office setting.  

  • An electronic medical records system for documentation.

  • A realistically stocked "Code Cart."

  • An automated medication dispensing system.

  • A clean utility room with supplies to be used during simulations and a storage area for linen carts, IV poles, and additional equipment.

  • An area set up with laptop computers for students to use for projects or  documentation practice.

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