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Welcome to the USI Dental Hygiene Program

The dental hygiene program at the University of Southern Indiana was the first bachelor degree dental hygiene program in the state of Indiana. We have a long-standing tradition of excellence in dental hygiene education!

Our curriculum includes informative courses, laboratory and clinical experiences, and community oral health education experiences. This diversity of offerings prepares dental hygiene program graduates to deliver oral healthcare services and education in a variety of practice settings.

As a dental hygiene student in USI's bachelor degree program, you'll get hands-on dental hygiene experience at USI's Dental Hygiene Clinic. A state-of-the-art facility located right on campus, the Dental Hygiene Clinic enables you to work with dental hygiene faculty while providing affordable services for a varied community population, including children and adults.

USI Dental Clinic

Information for Out-of-State Students

Are you an out-of-state student interested in pursuing the Bachelor's in Dental Hygiene degree at USI or determining if the Dental Hygiene Program meets individual state requirements for employment? Check your eligibility.

The Dental Hygiene Program is limited to working with certain states in the U.S. only. Moving into a state not recognized by the Dental Hygiene Program will lead to inability to continue in your coursework. The exception to this is active military status.


The Dental Hygiene Program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. The Commission is a specialized accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. The Commission on Dental Accreditation can be contacted at 312-440-4653 or at 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611-2678. The Commission's web address is:

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Unique opportunities give you an edge in the job market.

USI's dental hygiene program offers many advantages. While earning your dental hygiene degree, you'll benefit from:

Dental hygiene employment opportunities are available in private dental practices, public health clinics, schools, hospitals and in research and educational institutions. Graduates from our highly competitive Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene program have an outstanding job placement rate and excellent success on licensure examinations.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of dental hygienists is projected to grow 9% from 2021 to 2031, faster than the average for all occupations. About 16,300 openings for dental hygienists are projected each year, on average, over the decade. Many of those openings are expected to result from the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or exit the labor force, such as to retire.

Call USI Admission at 800-467-1965 for more information about our highly competitive dental hygiene program.

Of graduates are able to obtain employment in a dental office


Shayna Stuffle

Dental Hygiene Class of 2020

Hallie Owen

Student-Athlete and Dental Hygiene Class of 2023

Kaylan Hook

Student-Athlete and Dental Hygiene Class of 2023