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The DNP program requires a total of 78 graduate nursing credit hours. Applicants must have completed an MSN degree to be eligible to enroll in the DNP program and may apply a maximum of 42 credit hours from the MSN degree towards the 78 required credit hours for the DNP degree. 

For full-time students, the DNP required credit hours are distributed over five semesters including one summer session. For part-time students, the distribution of hours is over eight semesters including two summer sessions.

A hybrid approach to course delivery has been implemented in the DNP program. Content is delivered through distance education methodologies using the Blackboard course management system which provides a framework for effective distance learning materials such as discussion groups, online testing and quizzes, and access to experts in each field. Live chat opportunities provide distant students with the opportunity to ask questions of faculty and guest presenters during class.

This approach is complemented with two three-day on-campus Intensives that enhance the socialization of DNP students and provide an environment for faculty and students to collaborate on projects throughout the program. The on-campus Intensives are scheduled in August and April of each year and combine course instruction, individual meetings with faculty, presentations by nurse leaders and socialization opportunities for DNP students and faculty. Students use this on-campus time to meet with faculty mentors to develop and/or refine the DNP Project.

Doctor of Nursing Practice Curriculum  
Leadership and Organizational Systems Core Courses  
NURS 721 - Systems Leadership and Inter-Professional Collaboration 5 credit hours
NURS 724 - Health Care Policy and Strategic Planning 3 credit hours
NURS 725 - Resource Utilization in Health Care 4 credit hours
NURS 727 - Healthcare Technology and Informatics 3 credit hours
  Total Hours 15 credit hours
Evidence-Based Practice Core Courses  
NURS 713 - Theory and Practice 3 credit hours
NURS 715 - Analytical Methods for Population-Based Care 4 credit hours
NURS 717 - Cultural Diversity 2 credit hours
  Total Hours 9 credit hours
Specialty Practice Courses  
NURS 854 - Critical Appraisal of Practice I 3 credit hours
NURS 855 - Synthesis of Nursing Practice 3 credit hours
NURS 866 - Capstone Project I: Planning 1 credit hour
NURS 867 - Capstone Project II: Project Proposal 1 credit hour
NURS 868 - Capstone Project III: Implementation 1 credit hour
NURS 871 - Capstone Project IV: Data Analysis 1 credit hour
NURS 872 - Capstone Project V: Project Report 1 credit hour
NURS 873 - Capstone Project VI: Dissemination 1 credit hour
  Total Hours 12 credit hours
  Total Program Hours 36 credit hours