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The New Harmony Outreach and Engagement Fund (NHOE) is a project development fund established in 2010 to provide underwriting, in full or in part, to encourage and support University of Southern Indiana faculty, staff, or student outreach or engagement initiatives in and around New Harmony, Indiana.

Projects may take the form of applied research, service learning, technical support, consulting, internships or co-ops, class projects, or other activities that are designed to produce a work product that is mutually beneficial to a New Harmony partner as well as the USI representative, Historic New Harmony, and the University. Each project must have an identified New Harmony partner and is to be designed and completed in consultation with the staff of Historic New Harmony. Projects should have specified outcomes that are measurable upon completion of the project.

Funding is available for one project each year that will engage faculty and students in learning experiences in New Harmony while being beneficial to the town. Funds are to be awarded on a competitive basis, and grant amounts average from $2,000-$5,000. The application deadline will be early November for projects that may begin the following summer. Project Guidelines and Application Materials

The Fund will be managed by a committee chaired by the Director of Community Engagement and Historic New Harmony. For more information, including student inquiries about internship opportunities, contact

Scholars with research interests consistent with the mission of Historic New Harmony can also apply for funding through the Endowment for New Harmony Studies. Please contact Leslie Townsend at for more information on this opportunity.

Past Projects


Designing a Model Elder Care Program for a Rural Community, Dr. Marie Opatrny, Associate Professor, Social Work


Development of a Modern Collection of Thomas Say’s Insects at New Harmony, Dr. Eric McCloud, Associate Professor, Biology

New Harmony-New Lanark Field School, Dr. Leigh Anne Howard, Associate Professor, Communications


Development of a Modern Collection of Thomas Say’s Insects at New Harmony, Dr. Eric McCloud Associate Professor, Biology (cont.)

Estimating the Horizontal and Vertical Integration of New Harmony’s Brand, Dr. Perry Burnett, Assistant Professor, Economics; and Dr. Chad Milewicz, Assistant Professor, Marketing


Contributions of William Maclure and David Dale Owen to North American Geology with a new display in the Working Men's Institute in New Harmony, Dr. Bill Elliott, Associate Professor, Geology


Bugs, Shells & Pottery: Celebrating 201 Years of New Harmony Science and Art, Mrs. Teresa Branson, Instructor in Teacher Education

The New Harmony Conversation Project: Honoring Advanced Care Planning Choices, Dr. Kevin Valadares, Associate Professor, Health Sciences


New Harmony Conversations II: Facilitation through Integration, Education, and Legislation, Dr. Kevin Valadares, Associate Professor, Health Services


Interpreting the Past: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of this Practice with Historic New Harmony, Dr. Stella Ress, Assistant Professor, History


Engagement of Students through Project-Based Learning at Historic New Harmony involving Structural Health Testing of the Rapp-Owen Granary, Dr. Adam Tennant, Assistant Professor, Engineering; Dr. Todd Nelson, Assistant Professor, Engineering; and Dr. Kerry Hall, Associate Professor, Engineering


A Modern Vision of Historic New Harmony: Through the Eyes of Photographers, Mr. Robert M. Dickes, Assistant Professor, Photography and Digital Imaging