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Faculty, Staff and Student Worker Accommodation Request Process

The process begins when a faculty member, staff member or student worker communicates a request for an accommodation to his or her immediate supervisor.

  • A request for workplace accommodations may be verbal or written, and may use everyday language (illness, condition, help, changes, etc.) or "ADA language" (accommodation, disability, etc.).

Using input from the faculty member, staff member, or student worker, the supervisor identifies the workplace accommodation needs. The supervisor:

  • will discuss the needs with the individual who made the request, and
  • will review the job description and consider the essential functions of the job as well as the operational needs of the department.

If the individual and the supervisor agree on an accommodation that is effective for the individual and appropriate for the workplace, the accommodation(s) will be implemented.

  • Once the accommodation is in place, the supervisor, with input from the individual, will periodically monitor its effectiveness.

If a faculty member, staff member or student worker is uncomfortable approaching the supervisor at any point in this process, or if an agreement cannot be reached between the individual and the supervisor, either party can contact Human Resources at 812-464-1770 for assistance.

  • If the accommodation need is complex or is not readily apparent, Human Resources may request the individual to provide documentation from their medical provider(s) to confirm the accommodation need and/or to provide recommendations for accommodations that may fit the individual's specific needs.
  • Depending on the circumstances, Human Resources may consult with the ADA Coordinator to assist in evaluating the accommodation request and/or to identify accommodation options.

Still Have Questions?
For general questions about the ADA/Section 504, check out the ADA FAQs or contact the ADA Coordinator at 812-625-4583.