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Powercash Payroll Card

The University is transitioning to a paperless pay disbursement process. Paper paychecks are being phased out.

Employees have the choice of either enrolling in direct deposit with the financial institution of their choice of opting for the new Powercash Payroll Card

The Powercash Payroll Card is a Visa branded, reloadable debit card and can be used everywhere Visa cards are accepted. (more payroll card information)

Employees who do not sign up for direct deposit must enroll and receive a Powercash Payroll Card. For questions, contact

Pay Schedule

Payroll is issued on the last working day of each month for faculty, adjunct and administrative staff members.  Support and student worker personnel are paid bi-weekly on alternate Fridays.  When a payday falls on a holiday or weekend, pay will ordinarily be distributed the last working day before the holiday or weekend, except for December’s monthly payroll, which is issued on the last banking business day in December.

Faculty salaries may be paid in 10 or 12 equal monthly payments. If no election is made prior to the beginning of the first academic year, the default pay method will be 10-month. Forms are provided through the Human Resources Department for faculty members to indicate the desired number of monthly payments. Because of IRS regulations, this election should be dated and signed prior to the first working day of the academic year. The elected pay method will continue each academic year unless a change is made. Changes in the payment plan can be processed at the beginning of each academic year if the request is received by the Human Resources Department before the beginning of any fall academic semester.

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