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It may be necessary at times for members of the non-exempt staff to perform overtime duties to complete assignments. Overtime compensation will be paid at the rate of one and one-half times the regular hourly rate to non-exempt employees who work in excess of 37.5 hours during the normal work week (See University Handbook, Section D.2, Work Schedule). Use of vacation or sick hours is counted as time worked in the calculation of overtime: compensatory time is excluded from overtime calculations. All overtime must be authorized in advance by the appropriate dean/department head.

Compensatory Time
The University offers compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay for overtime earned by support staff. Compensatory time is recorded in the Human Resources Department at one and one-half hours for every hour (or increment thereof) worked. This compensatory time may then be used by the employee in a subsequent pay period. The University allows a maximum compensatory time accrual of 52.5 hours. Any accrual above this limit must be approved by the employee's supervisor and the director of Human Resources. Every effort should be made to use accrued compensatory time during the fiscal year. However, any compensatory time balance remaining as of June 30 will be paid out to employees.

An altered work schedule within a given work week should not be confused with reporting compensatory time for use in future work weeks. If an employee works fewer hours on one day to offset longer hours on another day in the same work week, there would be no compensatory time accrued in that work week, as long as the schedule change results in 37.5 (or fewer) hours reported. Such schedule adjustments within a given work week must be approved by the employee's supervisor, and the employee must report actual time worked each day on the time sheet.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, faculty and exempt administrative employees are not eligible to be paid or given compensatory time for hours worked in excess of 37.5 hours per week.