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To better serve our customers, IT has established designated maintenance windows. These windows represent defined periods of time during which planned maintenance, upgrades and changes to university IT services and systems may occur. During these maintenance windows, services may be intermittent or unavailable. The windows occur at times when customer usage is low, making it easier to prepare for possible disruptions or changes.

Overall, regular maintenance reduces the number of emergency outages and improves the performance of the IT services and systems you rely on at USI. The time windows listed below are for information purposes only and not intended to be inclusive of all maintenance is conducted by IT on the systems we administer. 

IT makes every effort to keep service interference to a minimum.

University Approved Outage Windows for IT Changes

Standard Changes are approved to be made during regular business hours after careful consideration is made to ensure that no impact will be felt by the university community.  

Emergency Changes, by their nature, are approved to be made as soon as the need is identified, and the CIO or designee are notified and approve.   

For Significant Changes and Standard Changes (that may occur a moderate risk/impact level) use the following Outage Windows.  

Be aware that these days and times are not available during the established academic blackout windows. 

Friday: 5:00PM CT until 8:00AM CT (only use for moderate to low risk/impact level changes)

Sunday: 2:00AM CT until Sunday 2:00PM CT