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The University of Southern Indiana is taking a proactive approach to protect you from violating copyright infringement laws and violating the Student Code of Conduct and IT Acceptable Use Policy.

Has your web access redirected to a page with the Anti-Piracy Warning pictured above?

The first time you receive this alert, it is a warning. Don't Panic. Your access will be restored once you comply with the notice. Subsequent offenses will increase the penalty (internet access suspension) including the possibility of violating the student code of conduct which can bring permanent suspension from the network, parent notification and educational intervention.

What should you do if you get this alert?

1. Delete all music/movies/books/software that you do not own.

2. Disable file-sharing software (kazaa, bit-torrent, gnutella, etc.) that provides access to your files or music. You may be sharing things you don't want to share.

3. Do not download or share copyrighted material.

4. Click on "I Will Comply" once you agree.

Are you a gamer?

Specifically, do you play Blizzard games such as WoW, Starcraft, Diablo? If so, and you update the game via P2P, you may get sanctioned. Please ensure that you update via the web and not over P2P.

To do this follow the following instructions:
•From Blizzard downloader menu, click on 'View' -> 'Preferences'.

•Uncheck the 'Enable Peer-to-Peer Transfer' option.

Did you receive this message or something like it?

     Prohibited client observed on 2014/12/01 during hour 10

Check your Bit Torrent Client Configurations

The following clients are NOT supported:


Please uninstall them to avoid future network disruptions.

Clients with the following configurations are recommended:

•Settings -> Network -> Connections
•Disable both 'Outgoing/Incoming peer connection encryption'

Vuze (Azureus):
•Tools -> Options -> Connection -> Transport Encryption
•Set to 'disabled'

•Options -> Preferences -> BitTorrent
•Set 'Protocol Encryption' to 'Disabled'

•Options -> Preferences -> BitTorrent
•Set 'Protocol Encryption' to 'Disabled'

ABC (Another BitTorrent Client):
* No SSL support

Deluge: [Linux client]
* Disabled by default
•Preferences -> Network
•Set 'Inbound / Outbound Encryption' to 'Disabled'

* Mostly Linux/Mac-based. Flat config files change encryption to on/off. Disabled by default.

•Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Connection
•Under 'Protocol encryption' set to 'disable'