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Note: Computer labs are available to all USI faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students only. Users must have and display a valid USI ID to use these facilities.

  • No food or drink of any kind within the lab. 
  • Playing computer games is not allowed (do not install or play games on the computers).
  • Please do not abuse your Internet access privileges, Internet access is provided for educational and research purpose only.. 
  • Displaying, scanning, or printing pornographic or potentially offensive material is strictly prohibited. 
  • Music may not be played at any sound level, which is audible to any other person in the lab. If you are playing a radio, MP3 player or the CD-ROM player on the computer, you must be wearing headphones and have the volume adjusted so others cannot hear the sound. 
  • Do not install software on lab computers. Installing non-licensed software on computers would place USI in violation of copyright laws. 
  • Do not modify current file configuration or change the system settings or preferences on any computer or terminal in the lab. Files should be saved on the individual's USB drive, rather than on the lab computer. Please don't leave your screen locked for more than five (5) minutes. If you must leave for more than five (5) minutes, please logout. Unsupervised children are not allowed in the lab. 
  • All software available in the computing labs is protected by federal copyright laws. Copying of proprietary and licensed software is prohibited. Do not copy software from lab computers. 
  • Treat the equipment and furniture carefully. 
  • The lab telephone is for staff use only.