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Linda Cleek and Ed Jones with the M. Edward Jones Engagement Award

M. Edward Jones Engagement Award

The M. Edward Jones Engagement Award was created to recognize an individual, group or project for excellence in leadership, commitment to quality, tireless service and dedication to lifelong learning in fulfilling the outreach mission of the University of Southern Indiana.

Outreach and Engagement Mission:
Outreach and Engagement is a division of USI that connects with the community, turning ideas into real opportunities. We are listeners, innovators, educators and collaborators who enhance bonds between community, government, businesses, organizations and individuals, responding to their needs and fostering learning and growth.

USI Mission:
USI is an engaged learning community advancing education and knowledge, enhancing civic and cultural awareness, and fostering partnerships through comprehensive outreach programs. We prepare individuals to live wisely in a diverse and global community.

Previous Recipients
2015 - Dr. M. Edward Jones, Outreach and Engagement
2016 - Linda Cleek, Outreach and Engagement
2017 - Dr. Kathy Elpers, Social Work
2018 - Dr. Jeffery Seyler, Chemistry
2019 - Dr. Rick Hudson, Mathematics
2020 - Dr. Paul Kuban, Engineering
2021 - SwISTEM Resource Center

 2021 M. Edward Jones Award Winner Video

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