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What is an expressive portrait? It is a portrait that focuses on a theme or motif along with the human component of the portrait. It is using a variety of modern materials while retaining the classical structure of the face. In this class you will walk away knowing the proportions of the face in a frontal position, you will know how to layer different media such as acrylic, pastels, pencils, and more, and you will learn how to incorporate a variety of elements and subjects to produce an integrated painting. You will also look at the work of artists throughout the centuries for study and inspiration to create meaning and emotion in your own art. Bring a canvas size 20” x 20” or 20” x 24”, your favorite brushes, and any materials you might consider using in your portrait. Also, bring some clear images of faces from which to choose for your portrait. These may be taken from magazines, or you could use personal photographs. As always, bring a notebook and pencil and a smock/apron if desired. Other supplies and materials, including references and examples, will be available in class. This course is four sessions of two hours each.