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Voucher Program

Eagle Perks is a voucher program that gives USI students free or discounted access to Evansville events.


  • There is one specific activity each month along with other activities that can be used anytime throughout the year.
  • Students can pick up a voucher at the RFWC with a valid USI ID (limit one per student)
  • Voucher can only be used if accompanied by your Eagle Access Card. 
  • Each voucher is only good for designated periods.
  • Vouchers are only available to those who have paid the current semester's activity fee. 

 Current activities:

  • September - Walther's Golf N Fun
  • October - Mayse Farm Market & Catacombs/House of Lecter
  • November - Franklin Lanes
  • December - Vertical eXcape - includes: climbing pass, equipment rental (harness and shoes)
    and orientation class. See voucher for hours and more information. 
  • Year-Round Activities
    • Evansville Museum - Free admission
    • Mesker Park Zoo - Free admission