University of Southern Indiana

Faculty Research

Dr. Brian Bohrer (Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Indiana University)

Environmental analysis of water samples aiming to detect the presence of agricultural and pharmaceutical pollutants using chromatography and mass spectrometry instrumentation

Dr. Shelly Blunt (Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Iowa) 

Synthesis of quinoline alkaloids as breast cancer target agents and nucleosides as HIV/AIDS target agents and asymmetric epoxidations to form chiral drug targets

Dr. Jeannie Collins (Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Southern Mississippi)

Cytoskeletal proteins involved in motility, structural support, organelle transport and intracellular communication, DNA replication of both slime molds and plants

Dr. Priya Hewavitharanage (Ph.D. Photochemical Sciences, Bowling Green State University)

Synthesis of fluorescent molecules for biological applications such as photodynamic therapy for the treatment of cancer

Dr. Mark Krahling (Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Elemental analysis using atomic spectroscopy, solid phase extraction & gas chromatography–mass spectrometry, and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Dr. Evan Millam (Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Minnesota) 

Electronic spectroscopy, ab initio computational chemistry, first principles determination of vibrationally resolved molecular electronic spectra, transition state calculations, calorimetry

Dr. Jeff Seyler (Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, Purdue University)

Synthesis of organometallic complexes, phosphines, and related ligands.  Computational studies of organometal-catalyzed mechanisms including dehydrogenation, hydrosilylation, and polymerization reactions

Dr. Edmir Wade (Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Denver)

Synthesis of Host-Guest complexes for the detection of small organic molecules

Dr. Ken Walsh (Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Bristol)

Synthesis of carbohydrates and analogs, organocatalysis and organic synthesis, adaption of modern synthetic techniques for the teaching laboratory

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