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Update to article:
Congratulations to Teri, who was elected Chair of the Romain College's Board of Advisors, and served a two-year term 2020-2022.

Below is our interview with Teri, published in January 2019. 

Albin headshotTeri M. Hollander Albin, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, Senior Vice President, is a partner with The Hollander Group at Hilliard Lyons. She has been counseling high net worth individuals and families, not-for-profits, and corporate clients since 1997. Teri’s primary responsibility is to provide comprehensive advice to clients. She is a member of the Romain College Board of Advisors, composed of senior business leaders who are acquainted with the needs of the community and of commerce and have a strong interest in establishing and maintaining direct and effective communication between the business world and the business classroom.

What is your connection to USI, and what makes USI and the Romain College of Business special to you?
USI and the Romain College of Business are valuable assets within our community. I participate on the Romain College of Business advisory board and am consistently impressed with the student presentations and team accomplishments. The growth and success that the University and College have earned in recent years should be recognized and applauded. 

From your prospective, what is unique about the Romain College of Business?
There is a collaboration across schools within the College that provides students with experience of real-work projects and environments. The faculty engagement with students is extensive providing mentoring, encouragement and support to further the learning process.

Tell us about some of the highlights as you’ve advanced in your career path.
I graduated from Indiana University School of Business in 1988 and began working on an MBA in the evenings while working. There was a collaboration between UE and USI at the time on the MBA program and I took classes at both universities and completed my degree in 1992. I worked for Indiana University as an Information Systems intern and began my career in Evansville as a computer programmer upon graduation. Understanding the computer system of an organization allowed me to learn about the business and how the various functions fit together. This knowledge allowed me to then further my career outside of the IS area into Analysis, Consulting, Human Resources and Treasury functions. In 1997, I made a career change to work on a more individualized basis with institutions and families in managing their personal wealth. My analytical, Treasury and HR benefits knowledge has been an asset as I work with clients to help them to achieve life goals.

What attributes make a person successful in your industry?
A family’s financial life is not only important, but also highly personal and emotional. Communication and listening skills are important in working with families as they work through the process of building, using and passing on wealth.

What advice would you give a recent college graduate?
Be open to opportunities and take advantage of them as they occur. Take every opportunity to learn as much as you can from those you are exposed to. Have a plan but be flexible along the way.

What’s the most effective daily habit you possess?
I end each day by making a list of priority items that I want to focus on the next day, and I begin each day by tackling those priority items from the day before. This allows me to start my day with a focus on what is important versus what might simply seem urgent as the day goes on.

What factors do you consider most often when planning for the future?
Planning for the future is always a balancing act. There isn’t an endpoint when the future arrives, so I try to focus on helping clients maintain a balance between enjoying life along the way while also preparing for future goals and needs.

What are you passionate about?
My passion is traveling. I love to experiences new places, learn about their history and culture, and grow from understanding new perspectives.

Published January 17, 2019