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Maximize your potential for success in the rapidly growing field of computer science

Computer science puts you at the forefront of exciting, in-demand, and highly paid careers in computing technology.  As a computer science major at USI, you will develop creative skills in critical thinking and analytical problem solving while learning fundamentals of computer and programming logic, security, data sciences, software development and algorithm design before specializing in greatly sought-after fields such as cybersecurity, data analytics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, web development, networking and database management.  The USI computer science curriculum also makes it easy to include elective courses in entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, data analytics, computer information systems (CIS), graphic arts, mathematics and electrical engineering.

What differentiates the USI computer science program from other universities?

Our computer science program is uniquely housed in a business school. Students not only dive deep into computer fundamentals, but they can take elective business-related courses such as entrepreneurship, management, agribusiness and drones—enhancing their marketability in an ever-changing job market. Students gain additional education from participating in case competitions and joining computer clubs. The CyberSecurity Operations Center (SOC) is a hands-on learning lab where students monitor and intervene in cybersecurity threats to the University. The program culminates in a capstone Senior Project course that solves an actual computer-related challenge for a business or organization, at the local, national, or international level. Projects have included developing self-flying drones, databases, e-business solutions, artificial intelligence, and interactive maps.

The computer science program has 12 hours of directed electives which count toward a CyberSecurity Certificate, a Data Analytics for Business Certificate, or other areas of student interest.  

The computer science program at USI currently has more than 200 declared majors, four full-time faculty members and an average class size of 23. Computer science students are eligible for scholarships, take 48 hours of computer science, electrical engineering and CIS courses, and have 12 hours of electives.

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To find out how USI's computer science program can prepare you for career success and graduate school opportunities, contact USI Admissions at 800-467-1965.

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No matter what kind of working environment you are looking for, there is a computer science job for you. The U.S. Department of Labor forecasts above-average job growth for computer and information technology occupations. Our computer science alumni hold positions such as:

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Why I Chose Computer Science

"I chose Computer Science because it's a very immense field, I can work in multiple areas with one major. It also gives me an ability to work on unique projects which can be helpful to everyone. Not only that but it helps me strengthen my problem-solving skills." - Kairvi '24