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Invest in your future and gain a competitive edge with a degree in finance from USI

Businesses, both large and small, must learn to make good financial decisions to be successful. An undergraduate degree in finance equips you with the skills necessary to assist businesses and households in their financial decisions. The study of finance is concerned with the monetary issues faced by millions of individuals and organizations in the public and private sectors. It is about evaluating current and historical data, then analyzing financial or economic trends and forecasting how to profit from them. Coursework in finance addresses a diverse range of issues, including financial analysis, investments, risk, and valuation.

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Financial occupations are expected to grow at an above-average pace. Finance majors have much to offer in today's job market and, as a result, are employed by a wide range of global organizations and companies, including brokerage firms, commercial and investment banks, corporations, financial advisory and public accounting firms, government agencies, insurance companies, realtors and savings and loan associations. Careers in finance include:

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"I chose Finance because there are several skills that are needed in the real world. A finance degree can be used in several different fields of work. I have had several different options to choose from when looking for a career after graduation. I enjoy mathematical problems and numbers. This is a good major for anyone who likes using formulas and Excel to solve problems." - Kenzie '22