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Alyssa Moore '17 is a graduate assistant at Romain College who will finish her MBA in the spring. She has been involved in numerous campus activities since coming to USI as a freshman, is a member of USI's chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma honor society, and currently serves as president of USI Speaking Eagles Toastmasters.

Alyssa at Toastmasters

What makes USI and the Romain College of Business special to you?
Without a doubt, the amazing faculty, staff, and students are what, or rather, who, make USI and the Romain College of Business so special to me. USI’s culture is truly student-centered. Not only do our professors go out of their way to ensure that we students learn the material, but they honestly care about us as people. I have received countless academic, professional, and life lessons during my time at USI, and I am so grateful to have such amazing mentors here on campus. In addition to having amazing faculty and staff, USI and the RCOB are full of incredible students, who are always ready to take on new challenges and adventures in life. There’s no doubt that I have been inspired by my classmates, and I am thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn with them. In short, there are so many wonderful things about this college and university, but it is the amazing people that call USI and the RCOB home that truly make this place special to me.

What has surprised you about college?
How fast it flies by! College is such a wonderful experience. You grow so much as a person, working hard and making lifelong friends and memories in the process. I feel like one minute you’re moving in for your first semester at USI and the next minute you’re applying to graduate! It’s such a whirlwind of change and adventure and growth. So, soak up every moment! Be present, work hard, do that thing, make those plans, and enjoy every second of your time at USI!

What do you wish you had known as an incoming freshman?
I wish I had known as an incoming freshman that it is OKAY to not have everything figured out. I was so overwhelmed by the thought that we all suddenly had to know our exact major and career path and that whatever path we chose was final. This is SO far from the case! I would have told myself as an incoming freshman to relax, take some classes, find out what you really enjoy, and trust that things will work out! College is a time for personal growth, and your path might change multiple times and that is okay! Continue to work hard in your classes, find what you’re passionate about, and ask for guidance when necessary. This is such an exciting time to grow and learn, and you definitely do not need to have life figured out before it even begins!

What attributes make a student successful in college?
I think the two most important attributes for success in college are (1) the desire to do well and (2) the willingness to work hard. As simple as that sounds, I truly think these two characteristics will carry you through college with great success. Wanting to do well is not enough, you have to have the self-discipline to put the time and effort in. Of course, you need some life balance as well! My advice is always to work hard, stay motivated, and have fun! This is a time to not only learn valuable lessons but also to learn about yourself and to make memories that will last a lifetime!

As president of Toastmasters, what are some things you hope to achieve?
As Toastmasters president, I really hope to create a fun and welcoming environment for members and guests to grow and learn in. I want Toastmasters to be a place for people to come not only to improve their speaking skills and enhance their resumes but also to laugh, unwind, and learn new things and perspectives about the world. I think we have already accomplished this fun and supportive environment, and now I hope to help the club to continue to grow with new members and memories!

What made you decide to pursue being an officer of Toastmasters?
Honestly, the current officers of Toastmasters are who encouraged me to pursue an officer position. Toastmasters is full of such energizing and supportive people. The members and officers have this great energy about them, so naturally I wanted to get more involved. Thanks to the support of Toastmasters officers and guests, I worked up the courage to pursue a position in hopes of getting a more hands on experience with the club! (And I am so very thankful that I did!)

Who is your mentor?
Honestly, I really cannot name just one mentor, as I have had so many incredible mentors here at USI! I am so thankful for all of the guidance and support I have received over the years at this university, and I truly think the amazing faculty and staff are what makes USI so special.

How do you stay focused when the demands of school, work, etc. seem overwhelming?
I am a firm believer in tackling life’s demands one step at a time. Thus, as cliché as this sounds, when life gets overwhelming, I make a to-do list. With my list, I make sure to keep my expectations reasonable and always schedule time for myself to do something I enjoy, such as hitting the gym or grabbing dinner with friends. I think balance is key. I make sure to concentrate on the task at hand and do not stress about the other tasks. When one task is done, I move to the next and so on and so on. If I feel like I need to take a break, I take one! In fact, I found that after taking a needed break, I usually work much more efficiently and effectively. In short, when life gets overwhelming, I take things one step at time, always keeping a positive attitude and life balance!

Tell us more about Toastmasters and why USI students should get involved with it!
Toastmasters is such an awesome organization, and one I highly encourage students get involved with! We are a club focused on public speaking, but I always like to tell students that you do NOT have to speak at meetings to join the club! In fact, I was a part of Toastmasters for two years before giving my first speech. A typical meeting consists of three speeches given by students who volunteered and prepared speeches. These speeches are always a joy to listen to, and you learn something new every meeting! Each speech receives feedback, which allows not only the speaker but also the entire group to learn about ways to enhance their public speaking skills. In addition to the speeches, we have fun traditions like “table topics”, which allow anyone in the group to give a brief 30-60 second talk on the topic of the day, a joke(s) of the meeting, and DELICIOUS snacks at each meeting. Toastmasters is an incredibly welcoming, fun, and laid-back club. Most of us join not because we are great public speakers but to IMPROVE our public speaking skills. The club is a great way to develop as a public speaker, build your resume, make friends, get involved, and have fun! We meet every Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in room BE 3033, and we would love for students to come join us!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Goodness, in ten years!? Hm… Well, first, I better have a dog in 10 years… actually make that two dogs. Because I need to be able to provide a good life for my two dogs, I hope to have a career as well, specifically as a professor of accounting. I hope to have earned my PhD in Accounting and to be teaching and researching at a respected university. Like the amazing faculty here at USI, I hope to provide my students with not only valuable accounting lessons but valuable life lessons as well. Thus, in ten years, I would love to spend my days inspiring and bettering the lives of my students (and dogs).

BGS members by key
Alyssa Moore, Kendall Crowder, and Julia Russ, members of the USI chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma honor society.

Published January 16, 2019