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Elizabeth Seng '21, is a marketing major with a minor in public relations, and she is co-president of the USI Marketing Club. In our interview, she talks about USI and Romain College, and why she chose to get involved with the club.

Elizabeth in front of store front

What makes USI and the Romain College of Business special to you?
The staff at USI is willing to go above and beyond to provide useful experiences and knowledge for the future. They are always welcoming opportunities into the classroom.

What are some of your favorite classes at Romain College and why?
Business Communication taught me so much about interactions in the workplace that I find super important such as emails, resumes, memos, and presenting in the workplace. Dr. Gilstrap did a wonderful job stressing the importance of these in the workplace and how they can affect your personal and professional image.

Consumer Behavior and Service Marketing classes are teaching me how to think and act like a marketer and I have found these to be exciting, interactive, and creative. Dr. Peggy Shields, associate professor of marketing, works really hard to incorporate as many real-world examples into class so we can make real-life connections and see from a marketer’s perspective.

Why did you choose your current major and minor?
I chose to be a marketing major because people in the field have such variety and creativity in their work. As a marketing or public relations major I will get to sell and communicate to so many people in and outside of the company, and I look forward to those interactions.

What has surprised you about college?
College has surprised me by how much I am already getting to apply things like concepts, facts, and tools to the real world and at my job.

What do you wish you had known as an incoming freshman?
I wish I had known as an incoming freshman to ask the teachers all of your questions and make at least one friend in every class.

What attributes make a student successful in college?
A successful college student to me means to be adaptable, organized, timely, determined, productive, collaborative, credible, dependable, engaging, and motivated.

How do you stay focused when the demands of school, work, etc. seem overwhelming?
Between work, school full time, having a social life, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle it can become overwhelming in more ways than one. The best way I have found to improve my focus is setting dedicated time to get things done, making lists, being organized, and being accountable to yourself. Spreading yourself too thin is a dangerous move; its important to find what really matters to you and your future success and give it 100%.

Who is your mentor?
Dr. Cristina Gilstrap, assistant professor of business communication.

As USI Marketing Club's co-president, what are some things you hope to achieve?
In Marketing Club, I hope to achieve an interactive professional experience for students looking to expand their marketing experience. I hope to improve students' understanding of what marketing is and bring interactive marketing exercises to our meetings.

What made you decide to pursue being an officer of your organization?
I love leadership positions, organizing, coordinating, and planning events so being an officer is fun and natural to me.

Tell us more about your student organization and why USI students should get involved with it!
Joining Marketing Club allows students to get a better understanding of marketing, interact with marketing professionals, and explore potential opportunities through personal connections made at our events. During our USI Alumni Panel and Speed Networking events we get the chance to ask questions about the ins and outs of a variety of positions in the workforce from people who were in our shoes. People who attend get to ask the professionals recommendations such as: what to get involved in, who to make connections with, how to get a mentor, what they look for on resumes, possible internships, etc. It’s a real eye opener to what’s out there and I hope people can see how beneficial our events can be.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In ten years, I hope to have a fulfilling career in the marketing or public relations field here in Evansville, Indiana. I’m unsure of what industry I want to enter; however, I want to belong to a company that values its employees, is environmentally friendly, and where the employees have good rapport. I hope to have time to enjoy life by traveling, spending quality time with family and friends, and getting involved in the community.

Published September 10, 2019